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Terms & Conditions

If nothing else has been agreed upon, the following terms and conditions for fruit subscription purchases and deliveries apply.



Fotia Fruits is responsible for the deliveries. The customer has a responsibility to ensure that their premises/areas are accessible in such a way that delivery can take place. If nothing else is agreed upon, deliveries occur on Mondays and refill on Wednesdays if necessary. 


Quality guarantee & complaint


We provide the customer with a guarantee that all delivered fruit is of satisfactory quality. If the purchaser thinks that the delivery does not meet the quality requirements, a complaint should be submitted no later than 24 hours after receiving the delivery. It is the responsibility of Fotia Fruits to replace the customer with new fruit of satisfactory quality, free of charge, at the earliest opportunity. Contact us via mail:

Fotia Fruits is responsible for the quality and condition of the fruit until it is delivered to the customer.

The customer accepts responsibility for the fruit's quality and condition upon receipt of the delivery.


Our baskets are included in a return system. In case of a missing or broken basket the customer will be charged with a replacement cost of 10 to 15 euro per basket.

Contract Period

Our subscription runs without a contractual commitment period, unless otherwise agreed. If termination of the subscription or a pause in delivery is to take place, we require a notice period of 5 days to cancel the order. Contact us via mail:

Changes in subscriptions


We require a notice period of 3 days to make changes or adjustments in the subscription of a fruit basket. Contact us via mail:

Prices & payment terms

All prices are excluding tax. The fruit basket subscription includes fruits, packaging, transportation, delivery and loan of crates.


Fotia Fruits owns the right to make price adjustments. Further adjustments could be made if costs develop beyond normal levels. This could be due to changes in production costs, fluctuations in market conditions, increased demand, or other relevant factors. Fotia Fruits is obliged to inform the customer beforehand. 


The invoicing happens at the end of every month with 14 days credit terms and late payment interest rate is set at 8%.

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